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Wig Dreams

(See also baldness)

Dreams about a wig - Picture of Man in a Ginger Wig

Psychological Meaning: For a man, this dream may be revealing your feelings of insecurity and desire to hide your feelings of insufficiency. Are you trying to disguise an aspect of your personality about which you feel ashamed? For a woman, dreaming of wigs may symbolise her desire to change the way she presents herself to the world. Are you pretending to be someone you’re not?

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: Surprisingly there are many dream interpretations about wigs: A blond wig means you will have many admirers, a dark wig brings loyalty, a white wig predicts riches and a brunette wig predicts that the person you marry will be poor.

Hidden Meaning of Dreams by author Craig Hamilton-Parker.
Dream interpretation for Wig Dream Meaning Symbol is Copyright

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