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Well Dreams

Dream about Wells

Psychological Meaning: The earth symbolises the unconscious and the feelings are symbolised by water. A well is therefore a symbol to show how you can access the deepest recesses of the unconscious. From this source may draw up into your consciousness emotions, knowledge, happiness and wisdom. It is the foundations of life, the divine nature.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: The psychologist Carl Jung was inspired by the imagery of the 5,000 year old Chinese oracle called the I Ching. In the hexagram of The Well, it augurs supreme good fortune for this symbol: “It has a spring and never runs dry. Therefore it is a great blessing to the whole land. The same is true of the really great man, whose inner wealth is inexhaustible; the more that people draw from him, the greater his wealth becomes." ” (Richard Wilhelm translation, Routledge & Kegan Paul 1951)

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