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I do hope that you will be able to help me. I have the most strange dreams nearly every night. I am either at a wedding or a special gathering but the people that are there are people that have passed on. Some of them have been gone for years and others only a short time. Mostly I see my mother and father. Do you think that they are trying to tell me something? I suffer badly from arthritis and confined in a wheelchair.

Mrs Cathy T

A wedding is a time when people that love one another are united in a bond of love. It must be very lonely for you being stuck in your wheelchair particularly as so many people that you love are now on the other side of life. In your dreams your departed loved ones have come close to comfort you. The wedding symbolises that the link of love is never broken and just as a wedding is a happy occasion so too is the time when the people we love from the spirit communicate with us.

Dreams about our departed loved ones are very wideswpread.Some people worry that it may be an omen of their own death. This is not the case. When we sleep our minds are relaxed and it is the time when our spirit loved ones can draw close.


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