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Toilet Dream

Dreams About Pooping and Peeing

Dream 1Psychological Meaning: The cause of your dream may simply be that you need to go to the toilet. Your unconscious recognised your body’s need to go and uses the dream to wake you up. Freud had a field day with this one. He associated dreams of excretion with the anal phase of psycho-sexual development.

A child will experience erogenous satisfaction from excretion. If they are reprimanded for wetting the bed or insensitively treated during potty training then, in adult life, they may experience similar feelings of guilt and shame towards sexual functions.

Surprisingly, Freud also believed that toileting in dreams represents creativity. Alternatively, dreaming of using the toilet may be your desire to rid yourself of something that contributes nothing to your well being.

This may be an archaic way of behaviour or an obsolete lifestyle. Similarly, your unconscious may be drawing your attention to an illness in which toileting symbolises your body’s need to rid itself of toxins.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: Believe it or not, to dream of a toilet indicates that there will be legal troubles connected with property deals.

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