Threat Dreams - the Hidden Meaning

Psychological Meaning: If you dream of threatening someone, this may represent your need to assert yourself in real life. However, if you are being threatened you need to determine what is the cause of this feeling. Some dreams may have an overall menacing atmosphere and it is hard to determine what is the cause of this anxiety. These threatening dreams fascinated the Surrealist painters.

It is most likely that your dream is caused by problems in your relationships. You may feel emotionally threatened by a partner or perhaps you worry about the threat of redundancy or a management change at the workplace. Similarly, inner emotions can threaten your emotional equilibrium. You may have repressed emotions such as resentment, anger, eroticism or fear that are trying to find expression.

Dream 2Mystical Meaning: Some oracles consider this to be a contrary dream. Everyone is going to be sweet and nice to you.



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Threat Dream Meaning

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