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Sometime after the breakdown of my marriage I had a vivid dream of being at a party with a girl together with her young blond haired son. It was followed by a long series of dreams that were always very clear and continually featured this same blond haired boy.

One of my dreams also featured my ex-wife's mother who told me to get together all the photographs of my mother-in-law and take them with me that day. I did as the dream instructed and to my astonishment unexpectedly met my ex-wife in the high street. I handed her the envelope full of photos. Then she told me the bad news. My mother-in-law ,who I liked a great deal, had died a year ago to the very day!

Soon after this the second aspect of the dream happened. I met the girl in my dream at a friend's wedding reception. But I was dumb struck when she later introduced me to her son. He was the same child that I had dreamed of again and again. I said nothing of this to my new friend. It was her that wanted to talk about dreams: She confessed, rather shyly, that I had featured in her dreams long before we met.

Neil B

Even though the marriage didn't work out with her own daughter it seems that your mother-in-law wanted to see you happy. It was her that stimulated the prophetic dreams. Perhaps she was trying to show you your future partner?




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