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Sounds Dream Meaning

Sounds (see also Music, Flying.)

Psychological Meaning: Loud sounds can indicate that the unconscious is trying to draw your attention to an issue. A bugle being blown may show a call to arms suggesting that you must become more alert to problems of pressing importance. A whistle may indicate that someone has exposed your clandestine plans (‘blown the whistle’) or it can show that you are being obedient like a dog responding to his master’s call. To hear muffled or indistinct voices indicates that you must listen more carefully to your wise inner voice. Sometimes dreams will incorporate sounds such as the alarm clock or traffic outside your bedroom into the dream and weave these into the symbolism of the dream.

Mystical Meaning: If the subtle body re-enters the physical body too quickly after an out-of-body experience the dreamer may hear a loud crack like a shotgun being fired in the room. This is very disconcerting but quite normal. It will disappear once you master the art of astral travel.

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