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About 5 years ago I lay on the couch one afternoon and fell asleep for a couple of hours. When I awoke I had a tremendous feeling of love and peace which I have never had again. I can't even begin to describe the inner peace that I felt. Often my sleep is plagued by nightmares and on one occasion I woke screaming as I thought that I saw a gorilla hanging from our ceiling. How can I recapture that beautiful peaceful rest that I experienced 2 years ago?

Andy S

The deep restful state that you experienced can be entered at will through meditation. Doctors can measure brain activity with an electroencephalograph and have found that when we are relaxed the brain generates alpha waves. When meditating subjects are tested they prove to have a very high alpha and theta wave brain activity. This demonstrates that meditation promotes deep relaxation.

Some people have the ability to slip into this state automatically by cat napping-which happened in your case. Well known people that had this ability include Napoleon, Mozart and Margaret Thatcher. They could also go for long periods without sleep because of this.


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