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Seasons Dream Meaning

The Four Seasons

Psychological Meaning: The seasons can represent your state of mind and prevailing psychological or material conditions. They remind us that everything is subject to change and renewal. Here are the meanings for Northern Hemisphere countries:

SPRING: Optimism and rebirth are associated with springtime. Spring may represent a new beginning for you or new projects and a new attitude to life. It may represent youth.
SUMMER: Pleasure and happiness are associated with summertime as is relaxation and vacations. It may symbolise early middle-age
FALL: This time may represent a maturing of your ideas. It is also a time for preparation and the ending of a cycle. It is a time when the trees bear fruit so may represent the fruition of a plan. Fall may symbolise late middle-age.
WINTER: A time of rest but your dream may be expressing your feelings of that your life is barren and empty. It may symbolise old-age.

Mystical Meaning: The movement of the Sun across the sky, the solstices and the seasons since earliest times have come to represent the phases of human life. They also relate to the four elements: the bare Earth to Winter, water of rain to Spring, heat and fire to Summer and the winds of Fall to the element of air. 

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