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Sacrifice Dream Meaning

Sacrificial Temple

Psychological Meaning: If you are the sacrificial victim, the dream may be a reflection of your attitude. Do you always ‘play the martyr’? Perhaps you have tendencies of self-punishment and self-denial. You may feel that other people undervalue your talents and good qualities.

If you are performing the sacrifice then consider what it is you are sacrificing. An animal may represent part of your instinctive nature or a person you know may represent an aspect of your personality. Perhaps you are sacrificing your principles or your human values? In a spiritual context, the ego must be sacrificed so that the divine self can emerge.

Mystical Meaning: Ritual sacrifices were a way to appease the gods and bring fertility to the land. The individual was sacrificed for the sake of social and cosmic unity. In Hinduism Purusha was slain to make men, in Egyptian myth Osiris is cut to pieces by his brother Seth, in the Greek stories Orpheus is torn apart by women, in Judaism Abraham nearly sacrifices his son Isaac and in Christianity Jesus is Crucified. These powerful images of surrender to God still appear in the dreaming life of modern man. 

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