Relationships Dream Meaning

Relationship Dream

Dream 2Psychological Meaning:

The people that appear in our dreams, and particularly strangers, usually represent facets of ourselves. It may be shocking to see the truth about ourselves that is projected into the characters of the dream.

Our relationships with these people illustrates how much we are in harmony with ourselves and demonstrates which parts of the personality we allow to ‘take the stage’. For example, if a man dreams of very feminine women, this may show a need to accept the feminine side of his nature. Similarly, a woman who dreams of assertive men may herself need to act in a more masculine way. And of course, the dream could be talking about real life scenarios and the true or repressed feelings you have for the people you know in reality. 

Dream 1Mystical Meaning:

Dream superstition says that the way people act towards you in a dream predicts events to come. If they are friendly, expect happy events to follow.

If they are downright nasty take precautions against potential disaster.


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