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Punishment Dream Meaning

Barbed wire punishment image. Dream Symbol.

Psychological Meaning: You may have a conscience about something that has happened or feel guilty about the way you are feeling. Are you be punishing yourself? Sometimes traumatic childhood experiences or overtly authoritarian parents can set in motion a self-punishment cycle that can become an automatic psychological response. You may need to free yourself of the parental and social conditioning that holds you back from being your true self.

If you dream of punishing people you know, you may have a hidden resentment towards them. Alternatively, they may represent aspects of your own personality that you fear. If you dream of punishing an animal, you may feel antagonistic towards your instinctive drives and sexuality. In all instances, you must learn acceptance and forgiveness if you want to be at peace with yourself.

Mystical Meaning: The gypsies believe that to dream of being punished betrays the guilt you feel for neglecting your relations.

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