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Dreams About Shadow Attack

I am in prison and have the most terrible experience at night about every three months for the last six years. The last time it happened I was tossing and turning and trying to get to sleep when a strange dark power pulled me off the bed and pushed me against the wall.

My cell mate stood screaming but when I looked at him again he was fast asleep. I don't know whether these experiences are dreams or something real. The doctor will probably say they are only nightmares but if they are real what can he do?

A worried inmate-H M Prison

Prolonged confinement can create some very disturbing hallucinations. People deprived of all sensory stimuli, under experimental conditions, find it difficult to distinguish between dream and reality. Prison with it's continual boredom and routine create a similar environment.

You are probably having a lucid dream that is as real as your waking experience. The conditions you describe may also be linked to Narcolepsy and sleep paralysis. Your doctor would be familiar with the problems caused by prison life and should be able to help.



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