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Psychological Meaning: Laws, rules and regulations represent structure and control. Dreams in which you break rules may show your urge toward self-assertion and your desire to test the limits imposed by others. I

If you dream of being accused of breaking rules of whose existence you were unaware shows the unfairness of many life experiences.  You may be frustrated by your circumstances and feel that life is unjust. Police officers can symbolise the upholding of rules of conduct. They may represent inhibition and the censorship of natural impulses by the conscious mind. (Freud claimed that police officers are a super-ego symbol, representing taboos stemming from childhood).

If you dream of being arrested this may symbolise sexuality or emotions being restrained by feelings of guilt. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you to ‘arrest’ you feelings and stop behaving in inappropriate or anti-social ways. If you dream of being chased by the police, it can indicate that you need to face the accusations of a guilty conscience or learn from past mistakes.

Mystical Meaning: Tradition says that to dream of a police officer means that you will be helped by someone you love.

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