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Pill Dream Meaning

Picture of Pills. Dream Symbol.

Psychological Meaning: You may have realised something that is just the medicine you need to restore inner harmony. If you dream of taking a hallucinogenic drug this dream may be the start of a series of lucid dreams. An addictive pill may indicate that it is your compulsive emotional behaviour that harms you. Alternatively, the pill may represent the bitter pill you have to swallow.

Mystical Meaning: Some people believe that hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD can awaken the higher consciousness that is found in deep meditation and sometimes also in dreams. The problem is: what goes up, also has to come down. “A man who has attained certain powers through medicines, or through words, or through mortification, still has desires, but that man who has attained to Samadhi through concentration is alone free from all desires.” – Vivekananda.

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