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Pig Dream Meaning - Dreams about pigs and interpretation for Pig Dreams.
Meaning of Pig Dream

What do pigs represent in dreams. Dreams about pigs and what a pig may symbolize in a dream. Online dictionary of dreaming and sleep to help you understand the hidden meaning of your dreams and nightmares including piglets and other farm animals.

Pig Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: A pig may symbolise ignorance, stubbornness, greed or just plain bad manners. It can even be a sexual symbol of bestiality and brutish lust. Perhaps you or someone close to you has been behaving like a chauvinistic pig? Of course, this dream has nothing to do with kind police officers or sensitive journalists.

Mystical Meaning: Pigs have long been the subject of superstition. For example, fishermen believe that if you say the word ‘pig’ before fishing you will have a poor catch. However in dreams pigs denote exceptionally good news or a stroke of luck. The dream could also mean impossible goals - we say "Yeahhhh and if Pigs Could Fly" when we don't believe something will ever happen.

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