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Meaning of Phallus Dream

Phallus symbol. Dream symbols.

What do phallus symbols represent in dreams. Freud and the phallus symbol and the interpretation of dream symbols. How phallus symbolism occurs in common dreams and nightmares.

Phallus Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: Dreams often express sexual feelings that society would never permit in reality. Sometimes these instincts are repressed or pushed out of conscious awareness. In dreams, our primal instincts and desires (the id) try to communicate with the conscious ego. Freud tells us that this communication is censored by the super-ego, our moral principle. The result is that the sexual messages from the unconscious come through to the conscious mind in the disguised form of symbols.  Phallus symbols can include anything long and straight that may resemble the male penis.  

Mystical Meaning: To many races and tribes, the phallus is their primary symbol of worship. Ancient cave paintings of the human reproductive organs have been found in countries as far apart as Senegal and Niger, Australia, France, China, Japan and India. It is proof of the power of this symbol. For example, the Romans used phallic charms to ward off evil spirits and their god Priapus was depicted as a huge phallus with a human face. The Toltecs and Aztecs from Mexico worshiped a winged snake and the Hindus still worship Shiva as a phallic emblem. The favourite god in Chinese homes is Shou-lao, the god of longevity. He is normally depicted with an enormous bald head that resembles a phallus.

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