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Numbers Dream Meaning

Blackboard with numbers and fomula

Psychological Meaning: Numbers and their corresponding geometric shapes often occur in dreams. They can represent stages of spiritual growth and archetypal energies of the collective unconscious.

ZERO: Zero represents the unmanifest void. It is the ineffable vastness of space that is infinite and timeless. Its symbol is the circle, the perfect mandala. 
ONE: One is the number that initiates action. It may represent the source of life or oneness of all creation. Its associated shape is a point.
TWO: Two represents diversity. It is the number of duality and divine symmetry. It represents the union of opposites such as male and female, mother father, yin and yang or heaven and earth.
THREE: Considered by the ancient Greeks to be the perfect number, three represents the union of body mind and spirit. Its shape is the triangle, which may represent the creative force. Three can also symbolise the Holy Trinity.
FOUR: Symbolised by the square, four is the number of stability and harmony. It may also relate to the four seasons, the four elements, and Jung’s four mental functions of thought, feeling, sense and intuition.
FIVE: Five represents the link between the heavens and the earth. Its symbol is the five-pointed pentagram.
SIX: Six symbolises inner harmony and perfection. It may be represented by a hexagram or the six pointed Star of David
SEVEN:  Seven is the symbol of completeness-an idea originating from the belief that the world was created in seven days. It was believed that the soul renewed itself every seven years and hence the belief that to break a mirror will bring seven years bad luck, as mirrors are a reflection of the soul.
EIGHT: The Chinese believe that eight is very lucky and brings great good fortune. It can represent regeneration and new beginnings.
NINE: In India, this is the number of God and the yogi who will leave the wheel of birth and death. In the West, it is also considered to be the number of eternity.
TEN: As there are Ten Commandments the number ten was considered the number of the law

Mystical Meaning: Numerology is the study of the mystical meaning of numbers. Originally based upon the Greek alphabet it attributed a number to each letter so that words and names could be studied for their mystical meaning. For example, holy books such as the Bible and Torah are full of numerological references. When the numerical equivalents of a person’s name or birth-date are added together the numbers obtained can tell a great deal about their character, qualities, skills and destiny. The art of numerology has sometimes been applied to dreams to obtain information about the future.

The human qualities associated with each name number are: 1. Initiation. 2. Attractiveness. 3. Communicator. 4. Homemaker 5. Experience. 6. Calmness. 7. Philosopher. 8. Business. 9. Freedom.

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