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Music Dream Meaning


Music Symbol

Psychological Meaning: Music is the opposite of chaos. In dreams, it represents harmony and the infinite potential of creative life. Your dream music can also express the emotions that you are feeling at the moment. Is the tone happy, tragic, sad or threatening? Also, take note of any words and consider whether the tunes you hear have any personal associations. If the music you hear is discordant it may suggest that your creative potential has become distorted. May of the great composers claimed that they spontaneously ‘heard’ their greatest works while dreaming or immediately after waking.

Mystical Meaning: The pipes of Pan, the pied Piper and the haunting call of the Harpies all express the closeness of the Unconscious inner realm to the world of death. Mystics also talk of the ‘music of the spheres’ the ethereal music that symbolises the harmony of the cosmos. It is said that sometimes we may hear the songs of the angels in our dreams.


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