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Mixing Dream Meaning

Mixing Eggs

Psychological Meaning: To dream of mixing chemicals, potions or even a cocktail is a metaphor to show, not the entrance of a new element to life, but a mixing of elements already there. For example it can show the blending of opposite sides of your personality and may imply that you should adopt an attitude that is more flexible. There is a school of thought that interpret this blending as the interaction of the left and right sides of the brain, representing logic and intuition.

Mystical Meaning: The Tarot cards, Temperance shows an angel pouring water from one chalice to another and the Star shows a woman pouring water into a pool and onto the land beside her. Similarly, the zodiac sign of Aquarius is represented by a water-bearer. Like your dream, these images symbolise the flow of life; the essential connection between conscious and unconscious; and the blending of male and female elements.

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