What Do Dreams about the Womb Mean?

birth-dreamPsychological Meaning: Psychiatrists have suggested that a dream of returning to the womb may represent a deep need for security. It is the ultimate protective love of the mother. Womb symbols may occur in dreams as caves, rooms or confined, yet protected spaces. It is a retreat from life’s problems.

Mystical Meaning: In the mystical teachings of Kundalini yoga the “green womb” is a name for Ishvara (Shiva) emerging from his latent condition. This dream may therefore be deeply spiritual showing awakening higher consciousness.

Example Dream:


I have had the same recurring nightmare ever since I was a child. At first everything is dark and peaceful. Then I feel a sensation like paper being crumpled and I become upset. I feel paralysed and hot. I try to move my arms and legs but can’t. There is a terrible pressure to my head. I am unable to cry out. Finally I see a tall dark figure in front of me. These dreams disturb me greatly.

Jillian C

Your dream is a memory of your birth. Psychics in America believe that by reliving your birth traumas it opens you spiritually. ‘Rebirthing therapy’ involves meditating in total darkness whilst floating in a tank of Epsom salts or being buried up to the neck in mother earth. TV comedian Ruby Wax gave it a try- but she didn’t seem very impressed.

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