Dream Interpretation: Wolves

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Wolves Stalked my Cot!

My recurring dream began when I was a very small child, in my cot in fact. There were about 5 wolves, all with blood dripping from their mouths, and they were snarling at me from the other side of the bars of my cot. It only happened 2-3 times, but I can still remember it now, over 60 years on. It has puzzled me greatly, because I now love wolves and they do not make me feel anxious or afraid. I’ve never been able to find a reason for this dream, which, at the time, was very frightening.

Thank you.


CRAIG’S REPLY: Studies have shown that children tend to dream about animals more regularly than adults. The psychologist Carl Jung wrote extensively about how traditional fairy stories reflect dream symbols of childhood dreams. The innocence of childhood is confronted with the wild forces of the real world and the instinctive urges of the psyche. Wild animals can represent these powerful instinctive forces that emerge from the unconscious mind and, in this instance; we are reminded of the threatening ‘Big Bad Wolf’ from the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. Sigmund Freud believed that the tale is about the psychological transition of becoming a sexual being. As a child your passions revealed themselves as wild wolves with red blood dripping from their mouths. Today you love wolves because your instinctive and spiritual natures are in harmony.

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  • Leah Jul 18, 2016, 4:24 pm

    I’m almost two months pregnant and I had a dream that there were all these terrible creatures fighting and two wolf pups, a white one and a black one were fighting under a tree. As they fought they got bigger and louder and all the other creatures began to stop fighting and take notice. When they were at their largest the black one swallowed the white one and everything began to run and flee. I could hear it chasing down and killing everything in its path. Once it found me and my boyfriend it said we gave off a strong odor and it could smells our souls. I was no longer afraid but entranced and when it let us go I woke up.

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