Dream Interpretation: The Colour White

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Several nights ago I dreamt that a friend of mine was the adjudicator in a competition for a music prize. A string of young musicians were arriving, each wheeling tall white plastic folding screens behind which each one was to perform. There seemed to be a lot of white around — the corridor where the competitors were assembling was white-walled and floored, and they had to enter the competition hall through white double doors, opening off the white corridor. I couldn’t see my friend, because she was already in the competition hall, and the competition was in progress. I had the impression that it was an “open” competition for any class of instrument. One competitor was carrying a violin as well as pushing his folding screens. The atmosphere was light-hearted, and busy. There was a lot of movement from all these young adults and their wheelie-screens.



This dreams is about finding clarity. Since Neolithic times when we painted the dead with ochre or red chalk to symbolise blood and resurrection, colours have been powerful symbols in all cultures. In western civilisations white represents reverence, purity, birth, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, marriage and innocence. In your dream it symbolises purity, clarity and the truth.

The dream shows that there is a competition. This represents a situation in your real life in which you have to make a judgement or decision. This decision has to be unbiased and not coloured by your opinions or friendships.

Each competitor is judged against the same white backdrop. In the dream they are judged by their musical skill – this symbolises the fact that you may need to listen – perhaps to listen to your heart.

In real life you have a decision to make. Perhaps this is about people’s character or an issue. The dream tells you to make this decision without pre-judgement. It is open to all and only the person with true skill should win.

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