Dream Interpretation: Trains

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Dreams About Trains

To dream about a train shows that your waking life is travelling in a predictable direction; you are a conformist. You like everything in your life to be ‘on track’ and secure. This dream may show that you want to control your life and take it in a set direction. Alternatively it may show that you are frustrated by the routines of your life, your relationships and your job and that you may feel ‘rail road’ into a way of life that stifles your creativity.

Symbols can be multi layers and for some this dream can be a metaphor for ‘being on the right track’. To interpret this dream you will need to look at the feelings it evokes. If you awake with a feeling of anxiety or frustration then the dream may be telling you that you are unhappy with the fact that you do not seem to be able to determine the direction your life is taking. If you feel in a positive mood after this dream then you may feel that things are going in the right direction.

Missing a Train and Train Crash

Dreaming of missing a train may symbolise your feelings of missing an opportunity or not being able to keep up with life’s schedules. Sitting on a train can symbolise the direction your life as a whole is taking. If the train is involved in a crash it may be saying that something in your waking life is in trouble: an emotional crash or a long-term career about to change dramatically.

If you dream of being the train driver this can show that you want to not only control your own life but the lives of everyone else as well. You want to be the boss – the one who drives things forward.

The psychologist Sigmund Freud believed that a train was a phallus symbol and to dream of a train entering a tunnel was a symbol for the sexual act.

In Russia there is a superstition that says to dream about a freight train crossing a bridge is an augury of wealth to come so long as you also dream of touching your head as it goes by.

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