Tiger Dream Interpretations


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I dreamed that I was out for the day with my friend when we passed this eerie medieval house. I asked her what it was called and she replied ‘Gainsborough and the house had been used in a spooky film.’

We then walked down a street. There were shops to our right and in front of me I could see the sea. A mist rolled over it and filled the streets so that I could hardly see ahead. Then we were on a beach and I became worried because the tide was coming in so quickly that we could easily get stranded.

The next day I looked up Gainsborough in my Travel Guide. In the centre of the town is a large medieval building that looked exactly as in my dream. Also Gainsborough is on the river Trent and has a fast tide that comes in twice a day that often brings with it fog.

I have only been to Lincolnshire once and never to Gainsborough. Why on earth should I dream of it?

Mrs Betty O

I don’t usually post my dreams on my FaceBook page but last month I told of my weird dream about meeting a Tiger in the road and how it seemed to make absolutely no sense to me and asked for comments. I noted how strange dreams can be and asked where on earth does the unconscious source this information? Then in the morning I read in the news that a Tiger had escaped and was rampaging the streets near Paris. (Nov. 13, 2014)

It is clear to me that sometimes dreams can access information by clairvoyance. In both of our cases we may have seen something by ‘remote viewing’ – the ability to see a place or events without the use of the known 5 senses.

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