Dream Telepathy – Sharing Dreams with Others

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Telepathy Dreams

Can Two People Share the Same Dream? Included in this category are dreams of spirits, ghosts, and those recently dead, who ‘speak’ to you using telepathy.

Telepathy DreamTelepathy happens in dreams when thoughts, emotions or physical sensations are transmitted from one mind to another. They have been widely studied by scientists as of all forms of psychic dreaming they are comparatively easy to verify. As telepathic dreams involves both a receiver and a sender, experiments can be set up to test the phenomena by noting how a receiver’s dreams are influenced by thoughts intentionally sent to him while sleeping.


Pioneering dream telepathy experiments were done in the 1880’s by the Italian psychical researcher G. B. Ermacora and published in the proceedings of the American Society for Psychical Research in1889. Ermacora worked with a medium named Maria Manzini as his main subject and although they achieved some very remarkable results the experiments did not have the controls and safeguards we would expect for a serious scientific investigation. Nonetheless Ermacora had made the first serious attempt at inducing dream telepathy. Some of these ideas were developed further in the 1940’s by a young Viennese psychologist names Wilfrid Dain who’s work was taken seriously by some members of the scientific community and published in Duke University’s Parapsychology Bulletin.

The most important advances were done at the Maimonides Institute in Brooklyn New York by a team of parapsychologists including Montague Ullman, Stanley Krippner, Alan Vaughan and Charles Honorton. The Maimonides team were funded for ten years to study dream telepathy. Their techniques involved monitoring sleeping subjects’ brain waves and eye movements and then waking them to get an immediate report about their dreams. In another room the telepathic ‘senders’ concentrated on target pictures designed to create a particular impression. The ‘receivers’ dreams often contained fragments of the imagery or similar emotional content to the picture being transmitted. Montague Ullman from the research team commented that if a subjects dream “is vivid, coloured,… and somewhat puzzling to the dreamer and does not ‘fit’ into his dream pattern or reflect recent activity, then we can be alerted to the possibility that the dream is being influenced by ESP.”


The biggest telepathic transmission test was conducted in 1971 by asking about 2,000 persons attending a Grateful Dead rock concert to focus on a colour slide of a projection image and attempt to send it by telepathy to the dream laboratory 45 miles away in Brooklyn. Here the psychic Malcolm Bessent was asleep and would attempt to reach out to the concert and receive the images in his dream over six nights. Stanley Krippner, from the Maimonides team, pointed out that many of the revellers at the concert were already in altered states of consciousness from the ingestion of psychedelic drugs and this may help the project. In one experiment fans were sending an image of a man in the lotus position with his charkas, or energy centres, all brightly coloured. Bessent dreamed about a man who was “suspended in mid air or something” and “using natural energy” and remarkably he ‘saw’ “the light from the sun… a spinal column.”


Telepathic Poodle DreamI dreamed that my mother’s luggage was fashioned in the shape of a huge, pink poodle. I lifted it by the awkward woolly handle. “It’s no good, they will never let us in the airplane with that ridiculous thing” I said as I looked down into its black beady eyes. “I will have to go and ask at the flight desk about this. Now time is running short so DO NOT move from this spot or we’ll miss the plane to Italy.”

I left my mother and wife Jane standing outside the airport duty free shop with its tempting bargains and hurried off with the bag to find a fight attendant. I think I’d made my point about not moving but I knew it was like asking Dracula to wait besides a blood bank.

By the time I returned with the flight attendant we were running desperately late and would have to dash to catch the airplane. “Where’s Mom?” I asked. “I don’t know,” replied Jane. “She’s gone shopping but I have no idea where she is now.” There follows a period of frantic activity, Tannoy announcements, and after a hopeless search for mother, I wake up.

I began to describe my dream to Jane but she knew the plot for she’d had exactly the same dream except from a slightly different perspective. Jane dreamed of me arriving with the flight attendant and had spent her dream urging my mom not to go shopping while I was absent. Amazingly, the words spoken in the dream were the exactly the same as in my dream and so were many other details including the poodle bag. It would appear that Jane and I communicated in the dream. We had experienced dream telepathy.

The vacation went without a hitch, perhaps because we heeded the dreams advice. And mother did not bring a poodle bag! The dream is of interest because it occurred on the same day that the contract arrived for this book. Maybe the unconscious was helping me by giving me an interesting example of a psychic dream.


Telepathy themes may include: Dreaming of talking to the other dreamer on the telephone or communicating with them by email or letter. Look to see if your dreams contain any other communication themes such as a carrier pigeon, a message on the radio, an unusual advertisement hording or graffiti messages. Your dreams may be set in the same city or country and may feature similar people. Watch also for concurrent themes, emotions and any other shared content. Dreams have a strange way of distorting things. For example your friend may dream of eating and you may dream of shopping for food. Similarly, dreams also speak in puns so watch for the way your dreams play with words. For example a telepathic message from a friend named Mike may result in you dreaming of a microphone, Tony a toe or knee and Barbra a bra on barbwire!