What Do Dreams about the Sun Mean?

Sun Dream Meaning

sun dreamPsychological Meaning: The Sun is a masculine symbol. It is the conscious mind and the intellect. It can be a symbol of the true self and may represent intelligence as distinct from intuition. A sunrise may indicate a new beginning whereas a sunset may show the ending of a phase. If the sun in your dream is scorching and hot, it may indicate that your intellectual powers are dominating the psyche and in danger of destroying your emotional life.

Mystical Meaning: Mankind’s first god was the sun. It drove away the darkness and with it the perils of the night. Invariably it has been considered a symbol of blessing. In the Tarot cards, the sun card represents joy and exuberance. Dream lore generally says the same: to dream of the sun promises happy times ahead.

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Some weeks after my husband died I dreamed that I was looking into the room where he fell and it was filled with light and sunshine. He lay on the floor with his arms outstretched smiling at me. Do you think that he knows that I miss him so much and hears me when at night I say good-night to him?

Eileen A C

The hardest thing about losing someone is the feeling that death has taken them before we could say good-bye. Your dream reassured you that death is not darkness but the dawning of a new light. Your husband will hear your words and sense the thoughts you send out to him.

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