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Stars Dream Interpretation

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Dreams about the Stars

Note: This dream features the stars but also see the listing for Alchemy as this is featured extensively in this dream. You can also read our meaning for dreams about stars in the dream listing for the letter s

I have had many dreams since my husband passed away through a sudden heart attack two years ago. Some have been very lucid, where I swear I have been with him – he has felt as real as anyone I know. But on this occasion the dream I want to tell you about is odd to me, and I wonder what it has meant.

In my dream I saw only a very black sky filled with thousands of stars, but there were some  stars shining brighter than the others, I didn’t hear the words but I had a message impressed upon my mind, if you can understand what I mean.

The message was:”The bright stars each represent a letter that will give the answer”, and one by one I knew what each letter was. They spelled out the word ‘alchemy’.

When I awoke, the dream was still very strong and I immediately wrote the word down. It wasn’t a word I was familiar with — I actually didn’t know the meaning of it. When I looked it up it was about metals. I asked people what they thought the word meant and the general consensus was the same.

A day later I was trying to find a book to read. Since my husband died my reading material has been about trying to understand death and what happens to us after that point, In the first chapter of the book I picked up,  the word ‘alchemy’ was mentioned several times, which really surprised me as it seemed such a coincidence! What was I being told? I would love to have your view on my dream.

Sarah G.

CRAIG’S REPLY: Most people think of Alchemy as the medieval forerunner of chemistry that attempted to create the philosophers stone that could change base metals into gold. Although many alchemists did many practical chemistry experiments in their search for physical gold Alchemy was also a mystical tradition based upon the sacred texts by Hermes Trismegistus. The objective of these Hermetic forms of alchemy was to transform the human spirit into its perfect state – symbolised by Gold which was a metal that does not decay or tarnish.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was the first in modern times to notice that alchemy was talking about the transformation of the human spirit. He also found that the Chinese alchemical text ‘The Secret of the Golden Flower’ was about quest to perfect the human spirit. Similarly the oral tradition teachings I have been given in India about Kundalini yoga use alchemical symbolism to represent the transformation of the soul. All these take their root from an ancient Himalayan tradition of teachings that are passed by oral tradition and – they claim – has never been written down over its 15,000 years of practice. Spiritualism was influenced by some of these ideas when the Theosophists – and in particular Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky – encountered ideas such as ‘chakras’ and concept moving the spiritual light along the spine in meditation: a techniques used today in some spiritualist circles.

In your dream you have spontaneously rediscovered the spiritual world of alchemy – something that also astonished Carl Jung when he found some of his patients did the same. Jung explained this as the influence of what he called the ‘Collective Unconscious’ – a shared reservoir of human knowledge that we can access during dreams. An alternative explanation could be that you accessed this information from the spirit world where – perhaps – they still retain and use the ancient symbolism from the archaic days.

Alchemy was also closely connected with astrology and the stars and the fact that your dream included this may reinforce the fact that this was a form of what in India they call śruti – revealed knowledge.

So what is your dream saying? I believe this is a call, either from your unconscious mind or from the spirit, to seek a deeply spiritual life. You will transform yourself into a spiritual person – you will become and embodiment of the truth: incorruptible – like gold.

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