Dream Interpretation: Staircases and Corridors

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Dream Interpretation: Enemy on the Staircase and Corridor

I wonder if Craig can make something of a puzzling dream I had a few months ago?  I was going through a very stressful time of personal and professional attack from someone I used to trust. The situation was affecting me greatly, generating much anxiety.

The dream: I was in a place well known to me – a specialist training venue. In the dream it was exactly as it is in reality. Instinctively I knew that the person who had been causing me so much heartache was present in the building, but he didn’t know of my presence there. As I stood in a corridor at the top of the main (very wide) staircase, a wise and very dear friend of mine appeared from nowhere and put his arms around me. At this moment, the person who had been causing me such grief also appeared in the corridor, and made to approach me. But he cast a look in my direction, noted the presence of my friend, and disappeared as if he had never been there.

I’m aware that my friend’s arms around me might have symbolised a cloak of protection, but the trouble-maker is still very much present in my life.


CRAIG’S REPLY: This dream is about overcoming an evil influence. The theme is set by the environment. Here you have a familiar training venue but something is different: it has a very wide staircase. A staircase can symbolise progress in your life. It is an accent – and in this instance – may represent climbing to success in your professional life. On another lever ascending a staircase can show you are achieving a higher level of understanding and overcoming an emotional or practical problem.

Here we have a real life enemy who is intent to do you harm and who you perceive as being very powerful and influential – they have you caught in a corridor. But the dream says that you have friends at work just like your real life friend who appears in the dream. The dream reveals that these allies will protect you.

Notice how in the dream the person causing you grief disappears like the coward they are as soon as they realise that you have support.

Dreams function on many levels from the highly spiritual to our mundane worries. They solve our problems and here your unconscious mind is making you aware that once the perpetrator of your problems sees you have support their power over you will go away.

The solution offered by the dream is to turn to people at the workplace who are your friends. They want to help. But make it known that you have support and the trouble maker will cower away and you may even find a way to climb those stairs to a position of authority.

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  • Confused Jul 14, 2018, 12:32 am

    I’m having difficulty interpreting my dream, would you help please? I was in a living room (I didn’t recognise the property and it seemed to be fairly empty except for a few seats, I don’t recall seeing anything else) and, feeling over warm removed my t-shirt quickly, hoping my brother in law didn’t notice (he did, but didn’t say anything he just looked at me. He seemed so miserable). There was someone sitting beyond where I was standing, my mother in law I believe, I had no qualms in removing my top in front of her! I took my young content baby from the arms of my brother in law (he was seated I was standing) and walked up stairs. A few minutes later my brother in law followed us upstairs, I had just put the baby to bed and quickly covered my still naked top. The room seemed bigger than one would expect, almost warehouse size. I was in the corner of the room by the stairs but he walked across the room to the other side where it appeared to be outside. He wrote on a wall “I ❤️ You…

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