Dream Interpretation: Ruined Buildings

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Life in Ruins

I am having a recurring dream in which I am looking for my family in buildings which are very old. Some of them are ruins. I just cannot find my family and I become very upset and agitated.  Eventually I wake up.  Please can you help me?

CRAIG’S REPLY: Buildings can represent the way we are feeling and often can represent the physical body. When we feel ill, old or tired we may dream of dilapidated buildings. In this instance the dream represents you feelings of emotional exhaustion.

You are looking for your family so it is likely that real life family problems are making you feel upset and agitated and this is being expressed in your dream. The fact that you are searching for them may show that in the real world you feel separated from the people that love you and need to find harmony and unity again.

Take a tip from the dream and try to rest more and stop worrying. You are exhausting yourself with your worries and becoming like the run-down buildings in the dream.

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