What Do Dreams about Being Paralyzed Mean?

Dreams about Paralysis

Psychological Meaning: You may feel that you are unable to act to deal with a situation or inner problem. It is likely that your own attitudes and emotional baggage are making you unable to act. You may have fears or anxieties about a general or specific issue that are troubling you in more ways than you admit. For every problem, there is a solution. Keep a careful note of your dreams for the rest of this week for they may offer solutions to help you resolve your hidden anxieties. If you dream of someone else being paralyzed, they may represent an aspect of yourself that is not being given free expression. Similarly, if you dream of a paralyzed animal, your instincts and sexual feelings may be inhibited. (Some psychologists claim that repeatedly dreaming of paralysis is a sign that your diet needs changing.)

Mystical Meaning: It was once believed that the ‘nightmare’ was a huge spirit which sat on people while they slept. The feeling of being paralyzed was caused because of this demon. In Europe, the solution was to sleep with a knife near the bed because evil spirits feared iron and steel.


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