What Do Dreams about Being Naked Mean?

Dream Interpretation Example of Naked Dream

naked-dreamI don’t know what to make of this dream but I hope you can help me with it. I was out shopping in a large supermarket where there were a lot of people. I walked up and down the rows of goods pushing my trolley and looking at things on shelves. I put things in the trolley from time to time. As I reached for a tin of something I suddenly noticed that I was completely undressed and everyone could see me. But in the dream I remembered that I had definitely dressed that morning before I had breakfast and went to the shop. Then I woke up. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Peter G.


Sigmund Freud once said that his favorite dream was being naked in a crowd of strangers! Dreams about being naked in a public place and are one of the most commonly reported dreams. They can have a number of meanings and will often occur during adolescence and when a person is reaching puberty. These dreams in a young person can represent the person’s awareness of their sexuality.

Similar dreams also occur right into adulthood and can represent other anxieties. To be naked represents our feeling of vulnerability and being exposed. For some this can mean the ‘naked truth’ about ourselves such as a realization about our weaknesses, a hidden emotional problem or a lie exposed.

Your dream is set in a supermarket and you are in the process of shopping. This may indicate that the anxieties you have are connected with material issues. For example you may have financial worries and do not want people to find out about your problems and inability to pay. Similarly, the shopping for food theme could point to worries about your self-image and maybe even your body weight.   There is not enough detail in the dream to reveal the source of your troubles so you need to ask yourself what it is you fear people will find out about. What makes you feel vulnerable and exposed? Once you become aware of your weaknesses you can begin to address the issues and move towards greater self-confidence and security.

Psychological Meaning of Nude Dream:

Many sleepers are embarrassed to find themselves dreaming of being in a public place and being either naked or wearing only their underwear.  to some situation in their life. In the above example, the fact that other people are oblivious to the dreamer’s nudity indicates that they should discard as groundless any fears that they will be rejected if their real self is revealed. If you dream of being ashamed or frightened of being naked this may indicate a fear of relationships or of showing your real feelings. (Sigmund Freud once said that his favorite dream was being naked in a crowd of strangers!)

A dream of being disgusted by the nudity of another person suggests anxiety or aversion at discovering the ‘naked truth’ about a person, a situation or even about yourself. Acceptance of the nudity of others indicates that you see through people and accept them for what they are.

Nudity can also represent your longing for the lost innocence of childhood. It represents the real you stripped of pretense and imposed social conditioning. Nudity also has spiritual connotations: it is an expression of beauty and divinity. The ancient gods such as Venus the god of love, Diana the god of the hunt, or the three Muses who inspire the artist are all usually depicted naked.


Do I want people to see me for the person I really am?- It’s usually the best policy to be yourself despite what others may think. Examine the attitude of other people in the dream. Their behavior may reveal what attitudes are holding you back from being the person you really are.

Do I feel guilty about something?- Often these dreams reveal a fear of being exposed. For example, have you been cheating in some way? Perhaps you have been putting up pretense or lying about something that you fear someone may find out about.

Do I fear disapproval?- You may fear that a plan will meet with disapproval from your colleagues. This may be particularly relevant if you dream of being naked at work.

Mystical Meaning: Mothers used to warn their daughters that to dream of being naked meant that the dreamer would soon hear about a terrible scandal. However, the gypsies believed that good fortune awaited the person who dreamed of being naked- particularly if it the dream was lit by the stars.

This dream can mean innocence or if you are a traditional Christian, it can refer to the Final Judgement.

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  • Datrebor Feb 4, 2019, 10:03 pm

    I had a dream where I was leaving one area and walking though town. I found out I was naked and some one with me pointed it out to me about being naked in town. I told that person “They are used to it” It didn’t bother me at all.
    Another dream I left work and took a shuttle to the employee parking lot. Got on my motorcycle to ride into town. Rode inside a store into an elevator where there is a person on an electric scooter. I complained about it being cold and found out I was naked. Some one gave me a jacket to wear and that was good enough. I did tell one person that I guess it is ok to ride the shuttle naked.

  • Mr. Ron Nov 18, 2016, 12:37 am

    I dream of going to work only in my underwear. I feel ashamed and wish I had dressed.

  • Dan Jim Selassie Apr 14, 2016, 9:35 am

    Yes, I often dream being naked in public places.

  • pamela Dec 24, 2015, 10:01 am

    I keep having these dreams where am naked its been happening over the years. I’ll be all dressed up, next thing am naked always in a public place either big or small places but am not ashamed and no one is laughing. I’m not sure they even notice. What do these dreams mean?

  • Colleen Lucas Dec 12, 2014, 5:52 pm

    I had a recent dream my mother had on all my clothing from my head to my shoes. Our relationship is not good. She is always making references that she is clean and I am dirty. I have had dreams that she wanted to be me. I also had a dream she tried to give me a dirty and filthy white towel. I was living with her recently and I am now homeless due to this. Also there is nothing that I am doing that is unclean. I have been celibate for over 25 years, I am a College graduate. I live a clean life. I am not perfect. What do these dreams mean?

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