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Lion Dream Interpretation

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Lions take over the house

I dream often and can usually fathom the meanings, and help others to fathom theirs. But I can’t understand a dream I had a couple of months ago.

In the dream, someone visiting my father (in my childhood home) said he was bringing his pets. My father didn’t object. He used to have many visitors – friends and strangers, all pleasant ones, who sometimes stayed for days. We got used to this.

But this time the visitor’s pets were lions – all grey in colour. They were docile, with their manes patted back, instead of raised up. There were about twenty of them. Father gave them a large cage, a floor below where we stayed, but the cage door was left open, as they weren’t a threat. At times the lions left the cage and a few of them would roam around, as if the place was theirs. At first we were surprised, though never anxious, and we got used to seeing them enter different rooms and quietly lie down under the beds. They did not bother anyone. I even attempted to stroke one on the head, but refrained, in case he grew angry and snapped back. This went on for days.

Then I asked father when would they all go, because I was tired of seeing strange lions roaming around at their own free will, intruding on our privacy. Father said they were all leaving soon. That’s where the dream ended. I still can’t fathom its meaning and I would like to know your interpretation. AH

This is a dream about controlling your own destiny. The dream makes references to your past but also highlights your present feeling. The home/house represents you and the animals the instinctive and feeling side of your nature.

A lion is often associated with kingship and appears in heraldry as a symbol of power. In some myths it can represent divinity – as in the symbol of the lion in the story “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C. S. Lewis where the lion Aslan represents Jesus Christ. In a woman’s dream Carl Jung understood the lion to represent the male aspect of her psyche and Freud claimed lions to represent the powerful and admired aspect of the father.

In this dream I believe the lion represents the power of your own will. Readers of the tarot will recognise the Lion as one of the major arcane cards. In the early cards it was called Fortitude and in more recent packs took the name Strength.

In your dream the lions are tame as their hair is bushed and they are caged. In fact they are a little boring as they are grey in colour. These lions have lost their spirit yet you know that if you were to stroke them they could still bite.

I believe that this represents how you feel today. You feel that your own spirit no longer roars or is the master of their fate. Also the people in your life have lost their spirit and mooch about like lions without their spirit. Sometimes you simply wish they would all go away. Boring people are taking over your life.

The dream is telling you to do something inspired that requires courage, fortitude and strength to help you break the deadlock.

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