Dream Interpretation: Funerals and Burial

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Dreams about Funerals and Burial

Dreams may sometimes predict a death. Just before my sister got married, my paternal grandmother had a dream that my sister turned up for the ceremony wearing a black wedding dress. My grandmother was terribly upset by the dream and confided in my aunt that she felt that a funeral would happen soon.

Soon after the wedding, the groom was diagnosed with cancer. Within a year he was dead. Clearly in this case the dream was not a fantasy but predicted a specific event. Nonetheless it has to be said that most dreams about death are an expression of the emotional condition of the dreamer rather than predictions about the future. They may represent the ending of one phase so that another may begin. For example, a death dream may occur after a divorce, job change, or an examination. Dreams of death suggest that something is about to end so that something fresh and new can begin.

Funeral Dream

Funeral Dreams

To dream of your own funeral can symbolize a finality such as the end of a relationship or a major change within yourself. This may be a time that you need to recognize these feelings and accept what has happened in your emotional and waking life.

Dreams about funerals can also reflect our fears about death and coming to terms with a death as well as confronting our own mortality.

Dreams about funerals and death are usually symbolic and in most instances are unlikely to forecast an actual event. If the dead person you dream about is someone you know, this may represent a part of yourself that has been neglected. For example, to dream of your mother dying could represent the death of the motherly side of your nature. You may need to learn to be more caring and maternal, or perhaps plans that you have nurtured have been killed off?

To dream about someone else’s funeral can show that you are putting an end to something. This could be the end of a relationship or burying old feeling about things that happened in the past. The dream may also contain puns – for example you feel this is a ‘grave matter’. You may need to examine your feelings do discover what it is that you are ending.

Burial Dreams

To dream of being buried alive or burying a living person may show that you are trying to repress extreme emotional feelings or put an end to something that has been troubling you but is that has still not fully run its course.

Dreams about death can also reveal your feelings about people. You may “wish someone was dead” perhaps not literally, but symbolically you wish the person no longer had an influence on your life. Similarly, a corpse may represent an issue that you wish were “dead and buried.” You may feel emotionally spent and may need to shrug off old prejudices that are preventing you from realizing your growth. The dead body may also represent aspects of yourself that you do not want to accept. You may feel that it is a symbol to show how you are buried in feelings that are overwhelming you. It may express extreme tiredness such as being “dead beat.”

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