What Do Dreams about Sitting an Exam Mean?

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Examination Dream Meaning

Exam dreamPsychological Meaning of Examination:

Dreaming of sitting for an examination may express a fear of failure. Examinations are a very stressful experience in which we are made to face up to our shortcomings. If you dream of failing an exam, being late for an examination or being unprepared then this shows that you feel unprepared for the challenges of waking life. Do not fear failure. Always do your very best and you will never have regrets.

Mystical Meaning for Taking an Exam:

Ancient dream guides tell us that to dream of passing an examination forecasts success in life but if you fail the exam you likewise fail in life. However, other sources say that to dream of failure augers success, so who knows what is the correct answer to this dream interpretation?

My Video about Examination Dreams

Dreaming about taking an exam may show that you are worried about failure.

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