Dream Interpretation: Elephant

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I woke early one day last week and after about five minutes fell asleep again. 

In the context of the dream my daughter and I were in her work room attached to the back of our house  (she designs and makes wedding gowns).  The room is about 16 feet long and 8 feet high.   

Suddenly in through the entrance door came a very large Pure White Elephant, someone was riding him, not sure who.  The Elephant was very gentle and he  slowly walked the whole length of the room, quietly touching with his trunk  odd things – the cutting out table my daughter’s and my chairs, ceiling, window – then slowly made his exit via the door leading into the garden.  

Neither my daughter nor I were frightened, just completely shocked and transfixed – we were both looking at one another when I woke up.

I have never had any dealings with elephants and am very wary of large animals—horses, etc.  But I never felt any fear when I woke up, just felt completely relaxed and content. I would like to know your thoughts on this.


CRAIG’S REPLY: We sometimes refer to the phrase ‘white elephant’ as a symbol for a possession that is very expensive to maintain, or an article that is no longer wanted by the owner. We also associate the colour white with purity and it is therefore used as a symbol for a wedding. This dream is a metaphor that expresses your worries about your daughter’s wedding business: it actually walks through the room where she is making the dresses.

I would guess that the business is struggling at the moment or there are a few worries connected with it. I the dream you are both filled with fear and you have an innate fear of large animals too which adds further weight to the fact that the elephant represents your fears about the business.

The elephant however gently examines the room and walks through without major incident. In the East the elephant is a symbol of Good Luck and is worshipped as the god Ganesha – who represents a quality of the One Omnipresent God. Just as an elephant can block your path so too it is capable of moving out of your way so that the obstruction is suddenly gone. In India prayers are said to Ganesha at the start of business enterprises to ensure good fortune. If this dream is a prophecy, then it is highly auspicious and may show that obstructions to the business will pass.

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  • hawkeye Sep 16, 2014, 10:22 pm

    I had a dream with a baby elephant in it, woke up from the dream and there was a baby elephant crying running backwards up a brick wall, second part of the dream, standing inside of a mobile home park and a senior lady had fallen in her door way crying and could not get up.

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