Dream Interpretation: Dogs

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Cat –Nap Reveals a Shaggy Dog Story

I have a recurring dream which is current, and I would welcome an interpretation from Craig Hamilton-Parker.

I have had the same dream four times over the last six weeks or so, and not always in a night-time sleep. Once was in the day-time when I was cat-napping in the afternoon.

In the dream I see a convoy of dogs. They are led by a large black shaggy dog – very elderly – and he is leading three other dogs who are holding on to each other’s tail a bit like you sometimes see elephants do in pictures. They are all different in size and colour. The leader is the largest and the others graduate in size down to the smallest dog, which is white. Two brown coloured dogs are between the black one and the white one.

They completely ignore me and simply file past. A couple of times they have walked through a closed door towards me, and then filed past. They don’t look at me but I sense they are walking past for a purpose. They are all old and obviously on some mission, but where are they going and what for?

I have owned four dogs including the one I still have, but none of them resembles my dogs in colour or type. In the dream the dogs all seem mongrel types, whereas I have had two pedigrees and two single cross-breeds, all at different times.

Normally, I don’t remember dreams, but I haven’t been able to get this one out of my mind. I hope some sense can be made of it.


CRAIG’S REPLY: This dream is about you search for direction and friendship. Animals in dreams represent our instinctive nature and deep emotions. Similar symbolism often occurs in legends, myths and fairy tales. Animals can also represent qualities of the personality and characteristics of us and the people who fill our lives.

In some myths, dogs are the guides though the underworld – the wise part of our higher self that helps our journey through the unconscious. Ferocious dogs may stand guard over a treasure and can represent the fear we feel before something of great inner value is shown to us.

Most of all, dogs represent loyalty and friendship. You have owned dogs so must have felt this in your life at some stage. You watch a parade of dogs of all shapes and colours but they simply ignore you. This represents your feeling of rejection in the real world. Dogs are our loyal friends but they don’t even notice you. You wish you could have the attention of this fun group of dogs but all you see is a closed door. They can pass through but you cannot. The dogs also have a sense of purpose and mission – something you feel is lacking in your life.

This dream is revealing your feelings of separation from your friends. The ones that walk through a closed door may represent the friends you have lost to spirit. The dream is simply helping you to recognise your feelings of loneliness and separation. Perhaps it is time to try and make some new friends so that you can reanimate that feeling of purpose and direction that you currently feel is missing from your life?

Another Dog Dream – Do they survive death?

Just before my Border Collie passed into spirit, I had a dream of my first collie lying in his box and I took this as a sign my present dog would soon pass which did happen.

DREAM: The dog that most recently passed into spirit was/is a gentle, spiritual soul and I had him cremated at a pet crematorium. Shortly after this, I had a dream that showed him on a moving conveyor belt at the crematorium which would eventually reach the furnace. Behind him was a person, a very close relative, who is currently still living but in the dream has passed into spirit. I received the distinct impression that my dog was showing me who would pass next. There is an element of humour in the dream as the recently deceased relative (whom I recognise) is still wearing a pair of spectacles that have gone skew-whiff across his face. Is my interpretation correct? Do the recently passed sometimes show those left behind who will pass next?

I might add that two miracles have occurred since this dog’s death at a favourite place that we used to share that prove his existence in the afterlife. We’re not talking about white feathers and butterflies here (not that I knock such ‘signs’ in any way) but real tangible evidence, the first of which shocked me to the core. It is almost as if he knew that I was the kind of person that would write off white feathers and butterflies as coincidental happenings and would need something far more solid and tangible to convince me of his existence in the afterlife. I’m writing a book about this that I hope will bring solace to other animal owners whose companions have passed into spirit so don’t want to elaborate at this time as it would spoil the surprise. 

I would appreciate your input if you have time.

CRAIG’S REPLY: As Spiritualists we of course know from the solid evidential proofs we get through mediumship that our pets survive death. Unlike many spiritualists, I believe that the time of our death – for those who are ready to know – can be seen but it is uncertain whether this dream is predicting the next death to happen.

I believe that this dream is a symbol of how you are dealing with the emotions surrounding the death of your beloved collie. The movement of the corpse on the conveyor belt into the funeral fires is like our own predicament. It is a symbol of the movement of time and inevitability of death that come to us all. The happy dead relative in the dream may be a real spirit contact of course or it may be a symbol of how the certain knowledge of indestructibility of the spirit can bring us a happiness that transcends the grief we feel during bereavement.

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