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What Do Dreams about the Womb Mean?

Psychological Meaning: Psychiatrists have suggested that a dream of returning to the womb may represent a deep need for security. It is the ultimate protective love of the mother. Womb symbols may occur in dreams as caves, rooms or confined, yet protected spaces. It is a retreat from life’s problems. Mystical Meaning: In the mystical [...]

Dream Interpretation: Wolves

See also our Dream Meanings Entry for Wolf here. Wolves Stalked my Cot! My recurring dream began when I was a very small child, in my cot in fact. There were about 5 wolves, all with blood dripping from their mouths, and they were snarling at me from the other side of the bars of [...]

Dream Interpretation: The Colour White

WHITE DREAM Several nights ago I dreamt that a friend of mine was the adjudicator in a competition for a music prize. A string of young musicians were arriving, each wheeling tall white plastic folding screens behind which each one was to perform. There seemed to be a lot of white around — the corridor [...]