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Lion Dream Interpretation

I dream often and can usually fathom the meanings, and help others to fathom theirs. But I can’t understand a dream I had a couple of months ago. In the dream, someone visiting my father (in my childhood home) said he was bringing his pets. My father didn’t object. He used to have many visitors [...]

Dreams about Judgement and being Judged

I 'SAW' MY JUDGEMENT DAY I dreamed that I died and it was my Judgement Day. I could feel my whole body shaking with fear. An ugly man, sat behind a huge desk, shouted at me "You will go into that black cell with black bars forever! You will never see anyone again!" That dreadful [...]

Hare Symbol in a Dream

Meaning of Dreams about Hare Psychological Meaning: The hare can be a symbol of the trickster who effects transformation. It is both a messenger from the unconscious and the weak but cunning inferior function at the threshold between conscious and unconscious. It can represent some personal characteristic such as rashness or shallow cleverness. Mystical Meaning: [...]

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