Dreams G-L

Lion Dream Interpretation

Lions take over the house I dream often and can usually fathom the meanings, and help others to fathom theirs. But I can’t understand a dream I had a couple of months ago. In the dream, someone visiting my father (in my childhood home) said he was bringing his pets. My father didn’t object. He [...]

Dreams about Judgement and being Judged

JUDGEMENT DREAM INTERPRETATION I ‘SAW’ MY JUDGEMENT DAY I dreamed that I died and it was my Judgement Day. I could feel my whole body shaking with fear. An ugly man, sat behind a huge desk, shouted at me “You will go into that black cell with black bars forever! You will never see anyone [...]

Hare Symbol in a Dream

Hare Dream Meaning Meaning of Dreams about Hare Psychological Meaning: The hare can be a symbol of the trickster who effects transformation. It is both a messenger from the unconscious and the weak but cunning inferior function at the threshold between conscious and unconscious. It can represent some personal characteristic such as rashness or shallow [...]