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Common Dreams: Flying | Dream Sleep Symbols

FLYING DREAM MEANING: I dreamed that I could fly in the air, rose above the town below, and high into the night sky. It felt wonderful. I had no fear and could float gently down to earth whenever I wanted. Charles N- New York Flying Dream – Psychological Meaning: It usually feels completely natural as [...]

Common Dreams: Falling | Dream Sleep Symbols

FALLING DREAM MEANING Common Dream interpretation for:FALLING Meaning of Loose Stair Rail or Ladder Dream Many times, as I’m going to sleep, I dream that I am walking along the road and suddenly trip up and fall towards the pavement. I always wake up before I hit the ground. Why do I dream this?- J.H- [...]

What Do Dreams about Death Mean?

DEATH DREAM Psychological Meaning: These are symbolic dreams and are unlikely to forecast an actual event. If the dead person is someone you know, consider what aspect of yourself that person represents. For example, if you dream of your mother dying could it represent the ‘death’ of the motherly side of your own nature. Perhaps [...]

What Do Dreams about Being Chased Mean?

Meaning of Chase Dream Chase Dreams: My young son has a recurring nightmare of being chased through woods by a black, shadowy figure. How can I help him overcome his fears? M T- Perth Aust. BEING CHASED PSYCHOLOGICAL MEANING: He may have feelings of guilt or fear of being caught for something he has done. [...]

BUILDING DREAM MEANING My dreams are often set in a small decaying cellar. I always wake up feeling bad about life when this happens. What does this dream mean? – D J- Gloucester UK. PSYCHOLOGICAL MEANING FOR BUILDINGS DREAMS: The cramped feeling of the cellar indicates frustration and a need to expand your activities or [...]

Common Dream: Accidents

ACCIDENT DREAM MEANING Your accident dream is not necessarily a premonition of the future so do not jump to conclusions. Are you driving yourself too hard? Perhaps you should slow your life down a bit. If your life feels like it is set on a course for disaster, examine your mistakes and resolve to set [...]

Meaning of Dreams about Anima/Animus Anima/Animus Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: It is often symbolised by a beautiful young woman. She may leave the dreamer determined that he must embark on a heroic quest to meet her again. The dreamer may mistakenly look for the ‘girl of his dreams’ in the outside world but in reality [...]

What do Anger Dreams Mean?

Meaning of Dreams about Anger Anger Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Dreams can give us the opportunity to express feelings and emotions that we are unable to express in normal life. There may be some aggression within yourself that you have not acknowledged fully. The dream may also be suggesting that you be more assertive and [...]

What do Dreams About Detectives Mean?

Detective Dream Meaning Meaning of Dreams about Detective Detective Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: In real life detectives seek out hidden truths. During sleep, you may be trying to resolve a problem and want to know the truth about this issue that worries you. Perhaps you detect that something is wrong or that someone has been [...]

Descent Dream Meaning Meaning of Dreams about Descent Descent Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: In many dreams this may represent descending into the unconscious. In particular cave entrances, wells, tombs and cellars can represent entrances to the netherworld of the unconscious. Alternatively, you may interpret this as a downward phase in your life- you may feel [...]

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