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Coffin Dream Interpretation

DREAMS ABOUT COFFINS Can you explain my dream? I was laid in a coffin in front of a church. I could see all my relations sitting weeping in the pews. I said to the minister “Excuse me I am not dead yet” and he replied “Then you’ll have to wait outside” The dream troubles me [...]

Dream of Boyfriend Cheating

Dream About Being Cheated I tend to dream a lot that I’m being taken for a mug by those who love me, that my boyfriend is cheating or lying or that people are out to hurt me. I also dream of losing my loved ones through tragic accidents. Can you explain why I have these [...]

Dream Interpretation: Funerals and Burial

Dreams about Funerals and Burial Dreams may sometimes predict a death. Just before my sister got married, my paternal grandmother had a dream that my sister turned up for the ceremony wearing a black wedding dress. My grandmother was terribly upset by the dream and confided in my aunt that she felt that a funeral [...]

Dream Interpretation: Dreams About Being Dead

Dream of Talking to the Dead You can also read more meanings about death dreams and being dead dreams here One night, three months after my husband died, I had a dream so vivid that I have never known anything like it before or since. It was a terrible time in my life and the [...]

What Do Dreams about Cats Mean?

Dreaming about Cats. Psychological Meaning: Animals represent the instinctive side of your nature. A cat express feminine qualities and may represent the positive, creative and sensuous aspects of femininity. If the cat in your dream is aggressive, this may show that you are having problems with the feminine side of yourself. You may be taking [...]

Dream Interpretation: Ruined Buildings

Life in Ruins I am having a recurring dream in which I am looking for my family in buildings which are very old. Some of them are ruins. I just cannot find my family and I become very upset and agitated.  Eventually I wake up.  Please can you help me? CRAIG’S REPLY: Buildings can represent the [...]

Dream Interpretation: Dogs

Cat –Nap Reveals a Shaggy Dog Story I have a recurring dream which is current, and I would welcome an interpretation from Craig Hamilton-Parker. See also our Dream Meaning page about Dogs and other Animal Meanings I have had the same dream four times over the last six weeks or so, and not always in [...]

Dream Interpretation: Elephant

ELEPHANT DREAM I woke early one day last week and after about five minutes fell asleep again.  In the context of the dream my daughter and I were in her work room attached to the back of our house  (she designs and makes wedding gowns).  The room is about 16 feet long and 8 feet high.  [...]

Dream Interpretation: Animals

Meaning of Dreams about Animals What do dreams about Animals Mean? Also see our detailed section about Animal Dream Meanings Animals Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning: Animals signify the primal, instinctive and sometimes base desires. Your dream may be drawing your attention to an aspect of your nature that you undervalue or part of yourself that [...]

What Do Dreams about Sitting an Exam Mean?

Examination Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning of Examination: Dreaming of sitting for an examination may express a fear of failure. Examinations are a very stressful experience in which we are made to face up to our shortcomings. If you dream of failing an exam, being late for an examination or being unprepared then this shows that [...]

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