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Why Do We Have Emotional Dreams?

Psychological Meaning: Some psychologists believe that we dream in order to allow our emotions to settle down. Without dreams, we would simply overheat. Dreams can sometimes express very powerful emotions that we would not dare express in everyday life. They can act as an emotional safety valve to help us release tension. Jung pointed out [...]

What Do Dreams about Clowns Mean?

Psychological Meaning: A clown mocks the absurdity of our pretentiousness. He is a trickster figure that psychologists identify as being a symbol for the first, rudimentary stage in the development of the hero myth, in which the hero is instinctual, uninhibited and often childish. A scary clown may indicate that you fear being mocked and may [...]

Psychological Dream Meaning: Don’t take these dreams too literally as they usually highlight inner fears. You may have hidden worries about your sexuality or desire something that’s not in your best interest. The dream is a way for your unconscious to express its sexual urges. Sometimes it does this in ways that may go against [...]

What Do Dreams about Fire Mean?

Psychological Meaning: Fire destroys but it also cleanses and purifies. It can illuminate but also cause pain. Its energy is a potent symbol of eternal life or eternal damnation. Fire is a powerful yet ambivalent dream symbol. In dreams, it can signal a new beginning, spiritual illumination, sexual passion or disruptive emotions such as the [...]

What Do Dreams about Arguments Mean?

Psychological Meaning: You may have an inner conflict or be trying to make a difficult emotional decision. You are divided within yourself. Just as with arguments in real life, a compromise is usually the best course. Stop seeing everything in black and white. Alternatively, you may be expressing emotions that you have been unable to [...]

Psychological meaning: You may be at a critical point in your life and fear loosing control. Emotionally you may feel as if you are 'teetering on the brink' or feel that your life is like a 'cliff hanger' movie. If you dream of climbing a cliff, it may show how you are trying to overcome [...]

What Do Dreams about the Being Blind Mean?

Psychological Meaning: If you dream of being blind this may represent your refusal to see the truth. Perhaps you reject something about yourself or your situation. Do you feel that you have lost your sense of direction in waking life? Or are you so bigoted in your opinions that you refuse to see any other [...]

What Do Dreams about Being Bitten Mean?

Psychological Meaning: Young children sometimes bite in order to express aggressiveness. You may have unexpressed, perhaps childish, feelings of anger or resentment that need to be recognized and perhaps expressed. If you are the one being bitten this may illustrate how you feel pestered by a problem or difficulty. If an animal bites you, consider [...]

What do Dreams About Birds Mean?

Psychological Meaning: Because of their ability to fly birds universally represent spirituality. The sky is the unfettered realm of the spirit and, like the winged gods of old, the bird shows how some process within your psyche is bringing you wholeness, healing and balance. Birds are the soul's desire for transcendence. They may also show [...]

What Do Dreams about Climbing Mean?

Psychological Meaning: Are you climbing towards a goal or away from something you fear? You may be climbing the ladder of success and feel that something you've wanted for a long time is now nearly within your reach. You have great ambition but are you confident as you climb or does it fill you with [...]

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