Dream of Boyfriend Cheating

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Dream About Being Cheated

I tend to dream a lot that I’m being taken for a mug by those who love me, that my boyfriend is cheating or lying or that people are out to hurt me. I also dream of losing my loved ones through tragic accidents. Can you explain why I have these dreams?

Raven N.

CRAIG’S REPLY: Dreams can speak to us on many levels and here your dream is trying to help you come to terms with emotional problems in your life. The dream is expressing the fact that you feel emotionally vulnerable: you feel that nobody takes you seriously.

In real life your boyfriend probably isn’t cheating on you or lying but your dream is using this as a symbol for how you feel about something else that may be bothering you. It is saying: “You feel hurt in the same way as you would if someone you trust – such as your boyfriend – were to betray you”.

The deaths and tragic accidents are also symbols for the way you feel. Death can represent the death of your feelings. An accident may symbolise an emotional crash.

Clearly something in real life is upsetting you that is trying to find expression and resolution through your dreams. You need to ask yourself what it is that makes you feel so betrayed. It could be something different to the characters represented in your dreams: a job loss perhaps, an argument with a friend, a general feeling of not being appreciated? Find out what it is and you can start to heal the problem.

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