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Common Dreams and Why We Have Them.

dream interpretation

Now you have a basic understanding of your dream you can begin to make a deeper interpretation. This personal interpretation will be made by asking yourself a few simple questions. You may want to write down your thoughts before proceeding to step 3 where you will be offered in-depth help. (If you missed step 1 go here)

So now you know the basic meaning of your dream, ask yourself these questions to understand what the symbols of the dream are saying about your situation:

  • Who are the people in my dream? In most cases, the people you meet in a common dream represent aspects of yourself. Consider what aspect of your own personality they represent. Some dreams are also of course about your relationships with the actual people from real life. People, particularly strangers, may also represent aspects of yourself that you are unaware of. Similarly, animals may represent aspects of your instinctive nature.
  • What is the mood of the dream? The overall mood of the dream is important because this represents how you feel about the problem that the dream is drawing to your attention. In addition, the state of the weather, the season and the temperature can all represent your emotional state of mind.
  • What symbols does my dream contain? You can of course look up the symbols on this website but remember to consider what personal associations you have with the items you encounter in your dreams. Gestalt psychology insists that your dreams are about you and you alone. See every part of your dream as a part of yourself or some aspect of your personality. Remember that many symbols are unique to you.
  • What does the setting say about me? The dream environment you find yourself in may represent the way you feel about yourself or your situation.
  • Does this dream remind me of another one? Dreams often run in sequences so you may already have worked out the meaning of some symbols before. If you keep a dream diary over many years you will be intrigued to note that some dreams take up a theme from dreams you had years ago.

Your dream may have specific symbols unique to you but also there are many common themes and symbols that occur in almost everyone’s dreams. Before moving on the stage 3 of the dream interpretation process ask yourself if your dream has any common symbols. I have also produced a short video to help you with your interpretation.

Common Dreams Interpreted

There are no limits to the human mind’s ability to generate an infinite abundance of dreams but amongst this mass of imagery are a few common dreams that happen to almost everybody. Have you ever dreamed of falling, being chased or dreamed of losing your teeth? Most people have. Common Dreams like this are part of shared human experience that cross the cultural divides.

Dreams we all have in common are, say some psychologists, humankind’s spiritual heritage and connect us through myth and symbolism to the thoughts and feelings of our primitive ancestors. These Common Dreams reoccur throughout history and in all societies. For example, someone from a tribal society in Brazil or Africa may have a dream of being stalked by a wild animal whereas the dream of a person from London, LA. or Tokyo will express the same sentiments by being shadowed by a mugger. The core issue of the dream- the fear of being attacked- is the same but is expressed in the cultural imagery of each dreamer. (Some of the most common dreams are listed at the bottom of this page in the related articles section.)

If you’ve had one of these dreams think about it for a while before you look up the meaning.

  • Try also to recall the problems you were facing at that time.
  • What sort of worries did you have?
  • Were you concerned about money, love, self-esteem or whatever?

I have made a short video below to help you understand some of the basics of dream interpretation. In conjunction with the  questionnaire above this will help you unravel the meaning of your dream and come to a clearer interpretation. In many cases, my interpretations may be way off the mark when applied to your own dream. But it’s your interpretation that counts for most. Treat this website as a useful guide but also trust your own gut feeling. One of the most important lessons that dreams teach us is to listen to the intuition.

Short Dream Interpretation Video

Now proceed to step three of your dream interpretation.


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Common Dreams - What do they mean?
Article about Common Dreams and dreams we have in common. These dreams have their root in shared archetypal symbols and the same dream themes and metaphors are cross cultural and may occur at any age. Extract from The Hidden Meaning of Dreams by Craig Hamilton-Parker. (COPYRIGHT)
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