What Do Dreams about Clowns Mean?

Clown Dream Meaning

Clown Dream MeaningPsychological Meaning:

A clown dream mocks the absurdity of our pretentiousness. He is a trickster figure that psychologists identify as being a symbol for the first, rudimentary stage in the development of the hero myth, in which the hero is instinctual, uninhibited and often childish. A scary clown may indicate that you fear being mocked and may feel threatened by people’s negative comments in real life.

Mystical Meaning:

The Fool in the Tarot cards, which becomes the joker in ordinary playing cards, represents the unconscious side of the personality with all its potential for transformation.


Some other thoughts about Clown Dreams

  • A clown can represent the absurd. Clowns may reveal the childish side of your personality and childish behavior in real life.
  • Perhaps the clown represents your own feelings? Are you being foolish in waking life?
  • Is the clown Happy or Sad? This may be a clue as to how you are really feeling. You may be ‘playing the clown’ in real life but deep down feel frustrated and sad.
  • A clown is uninhibited. Could the clown be showing your desire to be care-free in your behavior and less restricted?
  • Clowns may show insincerity and thoughtlessness.
  • If the clown is frightening, this may reveal fears you have about seemingly cheerful people who may mean you harm. It can show that people may not be what they seem. 
  • This symbol may be about pretending. Are you being true to yourself or perhaps someone else is not being true to their nature?
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