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What do Dreams About Giving Birth Mean?

Birth Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: A spiritual aspect to your life is about to unfold. For a woman dreams about birth may simply reflect your thoughts and feelings about being a mother. As a symbol it can represent the possibility of a new beginning or a new period of personal growth. We use the same imagery in our everyday language i.e. ‘giving birth to a new idea’ or we may call a project ‘your baby’. Sometimes bringing something new into your life can be a painful process.

For Carl Jung dreams about birth were important because they represented a stage in the ‘individuation’ process. Put simply, this is the growth of the human psyche to maturation and wholeness.  and personal psychological development.

Mystical Meaning: To dream of giving birth brings good luck if your married but troubles for single women

Meaning of birth dream and babies.To dreams about babies or giving birth may symbolize a new start

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Dreamd Aboug Giving Birth
What dreams about giving birth mean and its symbolism for a man or a woman. The start of something new in your life.

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  • Michelle PETERS July 30, 2013, 2:33 am

    Yes, I have had a few dreams about my daughter being at my home and we are playing with her baby. Well she does not have a baby. Right now she is not ready for one. She is trying to go back to school and she just stepped up to management. I have also had morning sickness. I can’t have anymore. Once before all that happen to me and it was about my niece. And I told her that she was so about two weeks went by and she found out that she was pregnant. A LOT of times I get feelings that come to me. Then at a later date it comes true. My daughter dreamed I pasted away.

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker July 30, 2013, 1:44 pm

      Remember that dreams about giving birth and also about death are usually SYMBOLS. Death and rebirth dreams are similar in many ways as they show a new start.

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