The Meaning of Bird Dreams

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Bird Dream Meanings

Psychological Meaning of Bird Dreams

Because of their ability to fly birds universally represent spirituality. The meaning of bird dreams can be interpreted in a number of ways. The sky is the unfettered realm of the spirit and, like the winged gods of old, the bird shows how some process within your psyche is bringing you wholeness, healing and balance.

the meaning of bird dreams

Birds are the soul’s desire for transcendence. They may also show your desire to escape from something you consider to be banal and commonplace. You may want to be free of a situation and have a desire to take wing. This is one way to interpret the bird dream meaning. Or is it a habitual attachment or negative attitude that you want to rise above?

In mythology birds are often messengers from the gods. In psychological terms this may show that the unconscious is offering you new insight and solutions to your problems. To dream of freeing a bird from captivity relates to releasing your own emotions or primal energies.

Mystical Meaning of Bird Dreams

Birds can also symbolism aspects of relationships. Thieving birds, such as magpies, may suggest a threat to a relationship or adultery. Territorial birds, such as blackbirds, can represent jealousy.

According to Freud birds are sexual symbols that represent the male penis. Many people still call attractive young women ‘birds’. Finally, a flock of birds may represent your need to be one of a group that you admire and identify with.

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