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Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig Hamilton-ParkerAuthor Biography

Craig Hamilton-Parker (born 24 January 1954) is a well known British psychic medium. He demonstrates clairvoyance on television and is the author of many books about the paranormal and dream interpretation.

He was the anchor man for the US Biography Channel Show Nightmares Decoded in which he interpreted dreams applying Jungian psychology but also added further insights using clairvoyance and mediumship.

A more detailed biography with examples and videos about his work can be found on his other websites UK: and US: as well as on his Google Plus profile page or on Wikipedia.

Social Media

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Video examples of Craig at Work

This is the promotional video for his US TV show Nightmares Decoded. This was shown in the US. Craig also had a television show on UK Living.

This is a video clip from Psychic Britain. Here Craig demonstrates mediumship to an audience together with his wife Jane who is also a psychic medium.

Dream Books by Craig Hamilton-Parker

Craig is the author of 15 books mostly published by Barnes & Noble in the USA. Most relevant to this website are his dream books which include:

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (1999) The Hidden Meaning of Dreams Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 0-8069-7773-6 (Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Israeli, Greek Icelandic.)

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2000) Remembering Your Dreams Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 0-8069-4343-2

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2000) Unlock Your Secret Dreams Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 1-4027-0316-3

Hamilton-Parker, Craig (2002) Fantasy Dreaming Sterling imprint Barnes & Noble ISBN 0-8069-5478-7

Contacting Craig Hamilton-Parker

You can get readings with Craig here

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