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Dream Interpretation: Animals

Meaning of Dreams about Animals

Animals Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning:

Animal DreamAnimals signify the primal, instinctive and sometimes base desires. Your dream may be drawing your attention to an aspect of your nature that you undervalue or part of yourself that you repress. Try to get in touch with the ‘natural you’. Be more spontaneous and less rational. Within everyone is a deep instinctive energy that has a transforming power. If you dream of eating an animal this is a classical mythical symbol that represents assimilating natural wisdom.

Fighting an animal may show that you are grappling with your shadow- the hidden part of yourself that the conscious mind has rejected. Animals guarding a treasure can represent the brutish passions which may prevent you from realising your true spiritual potential.

Animals may also express certain qualities: For example, a dog may represent devotion, a cat may represent the intuition, a tiger may represent fear and a pig may symbolise gluttony and bad behaviour. Sometimes animals can represent other people i.e. we often describe people with animal images: sly as a fox, slippery as a fish, a lying snake, strong as an ox etc.

Animals Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning:

To dream of an animal was considered to be an omen for the future. Peaceful cows and bulls were considered particularly good omens but try hard never to dream of crocodiles, dogs or cats for these bring troubles.

In the Far East, to dream of a green monkey means that a medicine will not work. Indeed to even think about a green monkey while taking a medicine stops it working. Next time you take a medicine try NOT thinking about a green monkey- it’s impossible of course!


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Animal Dreams
The Interpretation of Animal Dreams with List of Animal Dream Symbols. What do Animals in a dream mean? Dream Dictionary Interpretation for Animal, Eating An Animal, Guarding Treasure, Mythical Beasts, Dogs Cats And Pets, dreams about a fox snake or fish dream meanings explained. Extract from my book The Hidden Meaning Of Dreams (1999) ISBN 0-8069-7773-6

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  • Roderick T. Holman December 2, 2013, 11:46 pm

    Nice insight. I had a dream about Lizards last night, what’s the meaning of that?

    • Craig Hamilton-Parker September 12, 2014, 10:07 pm

      Lizards are sometimes a symbol of rejuvenation as they can regrow their tails. A lizard eating its tail is a symbol of eternity.

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