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What do Dreams about the Anima or Animus Mean?

Meaning of Dreams about Anima/Animus

Anima/Animus Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning:

It is often symbolised by a beautiful young woman. She may leave the dreamer determined that he must embark on a heroic quest to meet her again. The dreamer may mistakenly look for the ‘girl of his dreams’ in the outside world but in reality the dream points to the motivation to discover the feminine part of himself.

The integration of both the masculine and feminine sides of our nature leads to psychological health and wholeness. Similarly, the Animus is the masculine principle in the female psyche. A woman may dream of it in the guise of a beautiful young man or a hero figure.

The anima (the feminine principle in a man) can also take a negative role. Instead of providing spiritual inspiration and a more balanced view of life, it can appear in dreams as moody, irritable and oversensitive. If the ‘woman of your dreams’ is like this then this may signal that these destructive characteristics are dominating your personality.

Similarly, the animus (the masculine principle in a woman) can also be a destructive force. According to Jung a negative animus causes a woman to be opinionated, argumentative, rigid, controlling and excessively critical of herself and others. Jung believed that everyone should strive to find a proper balance between the positive qualities associated with both the anima and animus and integrate these into the personality.

Anima/Animus Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning:

The wisdom of yore says that to dream of a young man or woman is a sign that there will be a reconciliation of family disagreements.

Anima and Animus Dream Meaning

Article Name
The meaning of dreams about the Anima and Animus
The meaning of the Animus and Anima as male and female psychic principles in the psyche. From the theories of psychology by Carl Jung. Extract from my book The Hidden Meaning Of Dreams (1999) ISBN 0-8069-7773-6

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