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Meaning of Dreams about Anima/Animus

Anima/Animus Dream Meaning Psychological Meaning:

It is often symbolised by a beautiful young woman. She may leave the dreamer determined that he must embark on a heroic quest to meet her again. The dreamer may mistakenly look for the ‘girl of his dreams’ in the outside world but in reality the dream points to the motivation to discover the feminine part of himself.

The integration of both the masculine and feminine sides of our nature leads to psychological health and wholeness. Similarly, the Animus is the masculine principle in the female psyche. A woman may dream of it in the guise of a beautiful young man or a hero figure.

The anima (the feminine principle in a man) can also take a negative role. Instead of providing spiritual inspiration and a more balanced view of life, it can appear in dreams as moody, irritable and oversensitive. If the ‘woman of your dreams’ is like this then this may signal that these destructive characteristics are dominating your personality.

Similarly, the animus (the masculine principle in a woman) can also be a destructive force. According to Jung a negative animus causes a woman to be opinionated, argumentative, rigid, controlling and excessively critical of herself and others. Jung believed that everyone should strive to find a proper balance between the positive qualities associated with both the anima and animus and integrate these into the personality.

Example Dream from my News Column

Anima and Animus Dream Meaning

I am reading your feature on dream interpretation and I thought I would contribute. I very rarely remember dreams but one stands out. It is a winter day with weak sunshine and clouds moving across the sky in a strong wind. I am standing in a deserted farmyard. The buildings are derelict and grass is growing through cobblestones. Scattered around are a number of rusty barrels filled with rainwater. I hear a female voice say ‘He’s getting out’. Then I hear the sound of a splash and on the ground beside one of the barrels is a large fish about the size of a salmon. It wriggles and gasps for a few seconds and then it jumps back into the barrel with another splash. Then I woke up.

Also, I sometimes have dreams where I seem to be driving a car, in fact I don’t drive.

CRAIG’S REPLY: This dream is about your need to restore your vitality and regain a feeling of meaning in your life. It paints a bleak picture of how you feel right now. The weak winter sun obscured by wind-blown clouds represents your feeling of desolation. Like the farmyard in the dream you feel that you have been deserted and stand alone.

Buildings represent us and our physical body. Here they are derelict with grass growing through the cobblestones. This represents the fact that you feel emotionally and physically run-down and could be an indication that you may be suffering in real life from a lack of vitality.

You hear a woman’s voice. This is the guiding voice of what the psychologist Carl Jung called the Anima. In a man this represents the female side of you, the side that is sensitive, creative and nurturing. A man who has become over rational and too practical may experience the Anima in a dream as a guiding female figure who will lead him to discover the missing part of his nature. Her voice is a call to inner freedom and wholeness.

You have confined your spiritual impulses in rusty barrels. On the call of ‘He is getting out’ a fish escapes that was trapped in these barrels. As well as representing Christianity, Carl Jung tells us that the fish is also a symbol for the soul and in particular the creative aspect of a person’s nature. But without the symbolic waters of life the fish gasps for breath and will suffocate.

The dream is trying to make you aware of your creative and spiritual side. In real life you have probably been too controlling, too rational, too uptight and this is also reflected in the second dream about wanting to drive the car.

This dream is a call to wholeness. You need to stop trying to control your life and – for a while at least – just go with the flow of life. If you can learn to let go of your feeling of restriction then the vitality and energy you need will come to you of its own accord.

Anima/Animus Dream Meaning Mystical Meaning:

The wisdom of yore says that to dream of a young man or woman is a sign that there will be a reconciliation of family disagreements.

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